Epilogue: Rae-Anne Pitts

My week with Volunteer Odyssey gave me two things I desperately needed after months and months of job hunting: perspective and renewal. Through my experiences it became so clear to me how blessed I am. It becomes so easy to lose hope during the post-grad unemployment grind but through my experiences I saw people who have much steeper hills to climb but their hope remains.  Their hope is inspirational.

This experience also taught me a lot about Memphis.  This city will give you back as much as you are willing to give it.  My experience showed me that while Memphis is a place of great struggle it is also a place filled with great hope. I know that my efforts in this single week did not change the world or even Memphis, but it made me realize that I can strive everyday to make a positive impact on the community around me.

Did you know it cost more than $2,000 for us to host Ann-Katherine’s Odyssey Week? If you like our work, please consider making a contribution to keep it going!

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