Epilogue: Michelle Harp


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What a week!  I met great people, got involved with great organizations, and felt like I made a real difference.  Even though my seven-day Volunteer Odyssey is over, I am not letting it end there.  I began the process of becoming a Le Bonheur volunteer and hope to attend the next orientation!  I have already tutored a group of adult refugees at World Relief, which I loved.  And last but not least, I will be on the event planning committee for Habitat for Humanity’s next fundraiser in the fall.

After working with seven different non-profits in seven days I’m convinced that many people do not volunteer simply because they do not know how.  For instance, my gifts are with people and children, but it’s a broad range – where to start, what do I choose?

That’s where Volunteer Odyssey comes in.  Readers can walk through the experience of others to help narrow down what they want to do.  Not only did I enjoy volunteering, but so many times I heard of other ways for people to be involved.  For example, pet therapy – someone who loves dogs can volunteer doing that.  My friend who has a degree in Counseling would be a great benefit to Porter Leath working with the Parent Educators.  There are ways to volunteer and do something you love at the same time! It’s a win-win.

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey! I have enjoyed blogging and sharing with you as well as hearing feedback!   I hope this has helped you find your volunteer path!

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