Updated April 24, 2020

* Mayor Strickland issued a “Safer at Home” order which went into effect Tuesday, March 24 2020 at 6 pm and has been extended until Tuesday, May 5th 2020. Under these order, food banks, homeless shelters, blood banks, elder care, and others are designated as essential services. All “non-essential service” non-profits should not be engaging in-person volunteers until this order is lifted.

We will be releasing more information as we have it. Our most up to date information will be posted here.

We are closely monitoring the ever-evolving COVID-19 outbreak and adjusting as quickly as we can to the needs of the Memphis community. We will keep updating this page as the information changes and becomes available.

We’re including information for volunteers and volunteers:

Information For Volunteers:

Your health and safety is our priority. Please always adhere to the latest information from the CDC and from our national and local government. Please do not volunteer if you are sick, exposed to someone who is sick, or are listed in the CDC’s high risk category, or if you have any other concerns.

Sign up to Volunteer for current volunteer opportunities. This list focuses on: virtual/remote volunteer opportunities, in-person volunteer opportunities for “essential services” with appropriate pre-cautions, and ways to spread hope in our community.

Thank you for volunteering. If you have any questions, please email Sarah@volunteerodyssey.com

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Information for Nonprofits:

First of all, thank you for what you do. Second, we’re here to help. Please email sarah@volunteerodyssey.com if you have questions or feedback.

Our main concern is the health and safety of your volunteers, staff, and clients. We’re including guidelines, but it’s a moving target. These are changing hourly. Please always adhere to the latest information from the CDC and from our national and local government.

Our Webinar: We hosted a webinar “Managing volunteers during COVID-19” in partnership with Momentum Nonprofit Partners on Tuesday March 24. To get a copy of the recording, contact Nikole (nikole@volunteerodyssey.com)

  • In-person opportunities:
    • Based on Mayor Strickland’s Safer-at-Home order, you should not be engaging in-person volunteers unless your organization is designed as an essential service.
    • For now, we will only be promoting in-person volunteer opportunities if: 1) they are considered essential services: food, shelter, or emergency medical and 2) if they follow CDC guidelines.
    • We will be releasing more information as we have it. We are updating the opportunities on our platform so it has the most current information.
    • We will be posting a series of evaluation questions that will help you determine whether to continue in-person volunteer programming. At the highest level: do the benefits of having volunteers outweigh the risks? More to come.
    • For essential services, please follow all CDC guidelines about social distancing and safety hygiene. Don’t assume your volunteers know these guidelines. Tell them verbally, post signage, and email or text rules in advance.
    • Communicate regularly with your volunteers. Encourage them to stay home if they are sick, exposed, or in the high-risk category.
    • Update all volunteer information. Do you have signups listed in multiple places? Put information on your website.
    • If you have the resources, consider taking the temperature of people as they arrive for shifts. Have a plan for how to react to someone who is showing symptoms or needs medical care.
  • Remote/virtual volunteer opportunities
    • We have a new, expedited process for becoming a Volunteer Odyssey partner if you have remote and/or virtual volunteer opportunities.
    • Once you have been approved as a partner, we will send you instructions about how to submit these opportunities through our platform so they will be available to volunteers.
    • We will keep updating the information about that process on this webpage. For questions in the meantime, please email Nikole nikole@volunteerodyssey.com
    • Brainstorm new options: Graphic Design, Transcribing, Data Entry, Project Management, Social Media/Marketing, Website development, Call centers.
  • Additional resources for nonprofits:

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