Week 13, Day 5: Adriene at MIFA Meals on Wheels

Exploring new parts of this city is something I enjoy. I observe these places like a child witnessing something for the first time, and I like it. It’s important to me to be aware of the city I call home, visiting all areas – even the unknown and out of the way ones. Though Memphis feels like a small town, it’s a big city, and there are so many places to be discovered. Traveling to these tucked away streets today, I had one of my favorite volunteer experiences yet as I delivered meals to seniors via Meals on Wheels. A bit of service mixed with traveling through new neighborhoods = delightful!

photo19John, a former Volunteer Odyssey participant joined me today. His company was a welcome addition to the morning. Having done this before, he drove the route through North Memphis as I navigated and handed out warm trays of food, rolls, milk, and fruit cups. We carted the prepared food in coolers from its origin at Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) to eight homes. MIFA does some really amazing things for the community, with a mission to promote and support independence of vulnerable populations like seniors. The simplicity of bringing them a nutritious meal allows them to stay in there homes and keep their independence.

MIFA, Meals on Wheels headquarters

Meals on Wheels headquarters (MIFA)

On our ride back, I had a strong sense of wanting to volunteer with Meals on Wheels again. Even more I wanted to share the experience with people I love. It was easy, enjoyable, and only took an hour or so of my time. A pretty great hour I’d say. I’ve always thought about the senior population being a forgotten one, and it felt nice to do something for them that is so important to their day. It was a pleasure connecting with each and every one of them, seeing them smile and offer gratitude, and if I was lucky, chatting for a short minute or two. I highly recommend volunteering with this program so you can brighten the day of a few seniors too.


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