Give Back with Burritos and a Bicycle | Volunteer with Urban Bicycle Food Ministry

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I went to Urban Bicycle Food Ministry (UBFM)  last Saturday morning to help them make breakfast burritos! UBFM takes these burritos along with other drinks and snacks on a bike ride down Main Street where they hand them out to homeless people. What was most amazing about this group is they not only provide the homeless with a meal, but also make it a point to provide companionship. Most people who are homeless get ignored all day and have no family or friends to rely on, so UBFM tries their best to take the time to listen and talk with these people in need.

While this group does meet at First United Methodist Church, the participants come from all different backgrounds. UBFM meets every Wednesday night and Saturday morning. You can help out by making burritos, going on the bike rides, or both! Be sure to sign up for this great event by going to!

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