“Prelude” Michelle Harp

"Prelude" Michelle Harp

My name is Michelle Harp.  I am the mother of three children who I have raised and home educated for the last 23 years. My children are my claim to fame. One is in flight school to become an aviator, another just left for Air Force basic training, and my youngest recently started college to study nursing. They have been my life, and I am very proud of each one.  My lifelong dream was to be a mother, and now I am an empty-nester trying to figure out what I want to be “when I grow up!”  I received my Associates Degree in Religious Studies at the ripe old age of 39, and I have a passion for volunteering and helping others. That’s what has me so excited about the opportunities my week with Volunteer Odyssey could bring.

I love working with and being around children of all ages. For the last few years I have been a nanny, substitute teacher and a private tutor.  I have been an active youth leader, mentoring and teaching children how to be successful, as well as working in nurseries with babies for over ten years.   I was a brownie troop leader for two years, a soccer coach, a tee-ball coach, and a cheer coach.  In addition to volunteering with children I was President and Vice President for Marine Officer’s Wives Club for two years.  I have volunteered for Navy/Marine Corps Relief and a Key Volunteer, helping spouses of deployed Marines.  During my time serving in all these areas, I set-up, planned, and hosted events with up to two hundred guests, as well as prepared and presented speeches to the guests.

As I prepare to start my odyssey, I have all these thoughts and hopes racing through my mind: Will I discover my niche where I find myself completely at home?  Will I be able to definitively say, “This is the kind of job I see in my future”?  My dream would be to find a job where doing what I love – helping others and working with children – makes a tangible difference.  I know that if I do not find my path this week, I will have gained so much knowledge and been on a wonderful adventure learning about all the dedicated non-profits in Memphis.  It is really a win-win, and who would not want that?

I am thrilled to share my journey with all of you this week.  I will be posting my daily blogs so you can follow along and be a part of this exciting experience.

Thank you for reading!  Know an employer that’s looking for someone who’s great with kids? Need an event planner, organizer, or fundraiser?  Send an email our way: jobleads@volunteerodyssey.com or shelly2903@gmail.com.


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