Prelude: Max Groce

When I graduated Mississippi State I have to admit I was extremely excited! I finally had a four year degree from an actual university, and not only that but in a subject that I was actually gifted in.  What I didn’t expect is how fast that luster would wear off.  Now I’m just kind of in this in between period of deciding how to pay for graduate school and acquiring some kind of employment that gives me needed experience. It’s a very scary concept trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life, but this Volunteer Odyssey week that I’m about to start seems pretty straight forward.  Anytime spent relieving the troubles or pain of others can never be looked upon as time misspent or wasted. This is what I have always believed and to be involved with an organization that allows you to help such a different number of people in one week is incredible. If I said I wasn’t nervous I would be lying, but it does feel good to actually know and do something that is going to have a positive effect in someone’s life other than your own. I think coming to realize that through the week is what is going to have the biggest effect on me or maybe it will just be the pure number of people I meet and come to be friends with. Despite my anxiousness, I’m eager to get started and enthusiastic that it will have a lasting effect on not only me personally but my career and career goals. I hope you all will enjoy my blogs from this week’s Volunteer Odyssey.

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