Prelude: Jenn Allmon

It’s truly amazing what life drops in front of you. As I sat down to look at this one more time before I posted, I went to Facebook first and this link popped up in my newsfeed.

Working in news in some form or another for the past dozen years, it feels like I’ve seen more of the bad side of Memphis than the good. Even with the uplifting stories that sometimes come later in a newscast, the first few minutes can leave you sad and disillusioned. I’ve decided it’s time to leave the news business and, stealing a phrase from Bill Watterson, look for something that satisfies my soul. Or at least something that allows me to help, improve, give back, or lift up my community, my home in some small way.

Volunteer Odyssey just kind of popped up in front of me too. When a friend learned I was leaving my job she mention the program and I was immediately interested. I’ve always thought about volunteering, but never actually jumped in.  Volunteer Odyssey seems like the right diving board.

My hopes for the week?  To learn more about the place I call home and how I fit in it.  What can I do – big or small – to make Memphis a better place?  I’m hoping to find and organization that I can commit to and continue to work with in the future.  I’m hoping this is the beginning of a great adventure.

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