Prelude: Everything has a Beginning!

Hi! I’m Stephanie and I’m a graduate of Jackson State University and Florida State University. I’m happy to be home in Memphis but soon realized my lack of local knowledge. I searched for ways to get involved and meet those who are really making a difference in our beloved city. I’ve interviewed, lunched, and had coffee with some of the most exciting professionals in the field. This has been really great, but I’m missing a big piece of the puzzle. I have not been able to really engage with local leaders and express my skills and talents. Most often, if people are unable to associate you with some network (ex. place of education or past work experiences) it can be very difficult to demonstrate your abilities. For example, I received my graduate degree from Florida State University. It took me 4 years to complete my degree because I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala and completed a student exchange at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Upon my return, many things had changed within the city (of which was unfamiliar to me), and no one knew who I was. My experiences have been absolutely amazing, but there exist a gap between how my skill set can be best utilized for the betterment of Memphis and a network with those who are diligently working to make Memphis a thriving and prosperous city. This is why I would like to engage in a volunteer odyssey.

There are many benefits from the Volunteer Odyssey program. I will have the opportunity to broaden my network by volunteering 50+ hours at 7 or more different non-profits; work alongside some of the most influential professionals in the city; sharpen my writing skills by working with a writing coach and publishing blog posts; and explore my city from a completely different perspective.

My hope is to volunteer so that potential employers and experts may know the talent that exist in native and non-native young professional Memphians and to inspire others to choose volunteerism as a means for career advancement and personal growth.

I hope you enjoy learning about my experiences and become motivated to Stand Out. Give Back



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