Prelude: Bonnie Hopkins

Explore. Embrace. Learn. Live!!

Explore. Embrace. Learn. Live!!

“Every story has an end, but in life, every end is just a new beginning!”

I honestly didn’t know what to expect after my college graduation last May, but I knew the key was to keep an open mind. I want to be creative and persistent during my job search while continuing to do what I love! Art serves as a wonderful outlet for personal growth, providing opportunities to experience and create special moments with others. When I was a child, I had dreams of being an artist of some kind. That “Bohemian” dream will always live in part of my soul! While I want to use my skills to teach and entertain, I also feel that art can be a spark for optimism and gratitude.

With my Odyssey Week, I want to get out of my comfort zone while learning more about how to use my creativity for good. During my years working as a summer camp counselor, I enjoyed leading art activities and noticed how the children benefitted from the projects. In college, I volunteered with various non-profits in New Orleans and led the TOMS Campus Club at Loyola University. I even went on a Giving Trip to Peru with TOMS Shoes and gained valuable insight on how social entrepreneurship works. My own Bonnie Company Greeting Cards has served as a meaningful and unique way to connect with others. More importantly, I enjoy putting that extra pep in the recipient’s step with the nontraditional, wacky holidays that each card honors! I can’t wait to begin a new chapter with Volunteer Odyssey! I eagerly anticipate exploring my skills and interests while learning how to use them to give back to my hometown.

Adventure awaits! I encourage you to join me as I turn the page on this story of transition!

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