Prelude: Blair Hayes

Hello my name is Blair Hayes.  I have lived in Memphis for most of my life and I am very proud to live in such a wonderful city surrounded by family and friends.  I graduated for the University of Memphis with a degree in Child Development.  I have always been passionate about working with kids and serving others.  I have had opportunities to serve others through mission trips and being a youth leader for six years ministering to high school students.  I am at that point of my life where I know I want to do more to help others not always on a volunteer basis but hopefully on a job basis.  When I read an article about Volunteer Odyssey, I was thrilled and knew this was the type of opportunity I had been searching for.

I am very excited to get to go to 7 different nonprofits that I am not familiar with.  From this experience with Volunteer Odyssey, I hope to have a better understanding of non-profits in Memphis and the positive benefits that I can share with others. I will be blogging daily about my experience with Volunteer Odyssey. I hope you will follow me on this adventure.  Thank you for your support through this unique and exciting adventure.  Volunteer Odyssey is one of the first of its kind to give people this opportunity to become more acquainted with the non-profit world.

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