Prelude: Adriene Holland

As I embark on my Odyssey week I can’t help but think about the word odyssey and what it embodies: adventure, the unknown, and soon-to-arrive memorable experiences. There isn’t a better set-up here! I’m eager – and a bit nervous – to embark on this journey in my own city. Just out my door I’ll dig into new territory, learn, and connect more deeply to the place I call home. It will be a truly valuable opportunity for me to open up to new ways I can integrate my skills and passion into work that I want to do for the community.

When Hooper Troopers was first created back in 2009, I had only the vision to promote hooping as a means of creative movement, wellness, and play. These things still remain, but are now joined by the hoop’s power to connect and collaborate, and to be a tool for change. This experience has been an odyssey it its own way. Beginning with simple ideas and the dream of adventure, it has since afforded me amazing opportunities and my own growth. My desire to serve the community has been amplified. I’ve seen the positive waves a simple hoop and a dream can create, and cannot wait to see what else is possible!

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