Week 1, Day 1: John Cook at Meals On Wheels

  So here I am, my first day of my Volunteer Odyssey experience.  Today I am delivering lunches for MIFA Meals on Wheels., a program that provides lunches for homebound senior citizens.   I show up to the MIFA office around 9:15 am to “check in”, load up a couple coolers of food, and figure out my route.  My route consists of around 12 seniors who all live around the same area. As I approached my first stop, I became a bit overwhelmed.  I started asking myself a lot of questions  : “What if I do it wrong?” “What if she doesn’t like me?” “Is this enough food?” “Should I take out her garbage or offer to mow her lawn?” “Now you’re just being ridiculous. But yea, offer to mow her lawn just in case.” I parked and put together … Continue reading

Prelude: John Cook

Unemployment can take its toll on you.  Don’t get me wrong—the first week or so of sleeping in and watching trash tv is great! But it gets old real quick.  I needed something to do.  So, I decided to do all those things people talk about doing if they had the time:  visit family, yard work, projects around the house, and hit the gym.  Keeping myself busy was definitely a step in the right direction, but I was still unsatisfied. There had to be something else I could do with all this spare time.  And then, with a little (more like a LOTtle–HA! See what I did there?) encouragement (definitely NOT nagging) from a friend, I decided to get out and volunteer my time to some organizations that could use it. And oh yea– I’m “blogging” about my experience. Feel … Continue reading