Megan Banaszek Epilogue

If I sound different than I did last week in my blog posts, it’s because I am now employed full time! A girl can only justify watching The Price is Right for so long.

My experience with Volunteer Odyssey was everything I had hoped for and so much more. I met individuals with the biggest hearts in the city, learned about the vital organizations in Memphis, and received invaluable advice from Mid-South natives. Volunteer Odyssey made me fall in love with Memphis.

Two weeks to the day after I volunteered with my Odyssey, I was offered a job at Carpenter Art Garden. The garden is supported by Binghampton Development Corporation. I encourage everyone to check out their website to learn more about this organization, as they are doing great work improving and empowering the area. As the garden’s first full time staff member, I will have a plethora of roles, for which my previous non-profit experiences have certainly prepared me! I look forward to putting my time and energy into fulfilling the vision so many dedicated volunteers have for this precious gem in the Binghampton community.

Erin from Carpenter Art Garden presenting the official job offer!

Erin from Carpenter Art Garden presenting the official job offer!

The people I met were so willing to share job leads they knew of in the area. It says a lot about Memphians by how many people I had just met were inclined to reach out and help me. During my Odyssey, I was moved by the mission of every single agency I had the chance to work with. Since my blog, I have donated a meal to Dorothy Day House, found myself riding Urban Bicycle Food Ministry every Wednesday night, and spent time on Habitat for Humanity build sites. I look forward to further developing these relationships and helping these organizations make an even greater impact in Memphis.

I have completely fallen for the Grit and Grind of Memphis, and Volunteer Odyssey has everything to do with it. I would recommend this program to anyone who is in transition in their life.,It is a win-win for the individuals and the community. Maybe someday you’ll read a new blog about a Memphis transplant spending a day volunteering at the Carpenter Art Garden. I can only hope to pass on the same enriching experience I was so fortunate to have in my first days in Memphis. I hope this blog has inspired you to go out and find ways to serve your community. If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity, I know a place!


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