What is your mission?

Our mission is to develop a pathway to volunteering that enriches our lives and our communities.

What are your programs?

For a list of our current programs and how to get involved, start here.

Where did you get the idea for the Job Seekers Program?

Back in Fall of 2012, our founder, Sarah Petschonek decided to quit her job. Yup – she just up and quit. Crazy? Yes. Great opportunity? Absolutely! If you could do anything you wanted for 30 days, what would it be? For Sarah that answer was volunteer. But instead of just volunteering for herself, she wanted to do project that would inspire others to volunteer too. Out of that idea came her blog, Confessions of a Volunteer and her first very project – Mission Memphis: 30 Days of Volunteering. Over the course of 30 days (November 2012) Sarah completed 30 different volunteer opportunities and chronicled the entire thing on her blog – everyday! That experience was so powerful, so positive, so fulfilling, Sarah thought “I wish EVERYONE could do something like this.” That’s how Volunteer Odyssey got started.

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