Epilogue: Kevin Nowlin

After Kevin had some time to reflect on his experience, we sat down to talk with him about what it was like. Here’s what he had to say:

Volunteer Odyssey: Had you ever volunteered before for any of the non-profits that you went to during your Volunteer Odyssey week?
Kevin: I volunteered with MIFA many, many moons ago. MIFA is such a wonderful organization and I was happy to deliver Meals on Wheels again.
Volunteer Odyssey: Will you continue to volunteer for any of the organizations now that your week is over?
Kevin: I would definitely love to return to all of them on a regular basis if time permits. I certainly want to honor the organizations that have given me so much inspiration over the past week by continuing to serve them.
Volunteer Odyssey: What kind of reactions did you get from your family and friends during your Volunteer Odyssey week?
Kevin: My family and friends were unbelievably supportive during my time with Volunteer Odyssey. Often I would get messages of encouragement and gratitude for the work I was doing. I think because of my experience, and the positivity of my interaction with the community, there will probably be more people wanting to sign up for Volunteer Odyssey than the small staff will be able to accommodate.
Volunteer Odyssey: How did participating for Volunteer Odyssey benefit you?
Kevin: The most significant benefit I received from the program was the networking. There are amazing people all around this city and I am convinced that I would have never been able to meet them otherwise. I have made connections with people that I will continue to share life with for a long time to come. Another notable benefit to the program is the writing. Blogs are due almost immediately so creative writing doors were opened that I thought were forever closed. Now, I look forward to writing and I don’t feel like everything I write has to be mechanical or academic. There is freedom in expressive writing. Give it a try!
Volunteer Odyssey: What did you learn from your week during Volunteer Odyssey?
Kevin: The experience has helped me to become more attractive to potential employers, which is a major component of the program, but mostly I learned that serving the community is much more fulfilling than finding a job. I look at the community in a different light and I see that people can, and should, be served daily no matter what you are doing.
Volunteer Odyssey: Would you recommend Volunteer Odyssey to a friend?
Kevin: Without a doubt. Anyone looking for a renewed perspective and a positive experience must participate.

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