Epilogue: Adriene Holland

Most days during my Odyssey week it didn’t matter where I was or what particularly I was doing. What really mattered was this unwavering awareness of love. People doing what they love, acting out of love, and in turn, generating more love. It was also about stepping out of this invisible comfort zone and interacting and participating in new ways while saying YES whole-heartedly to the experience. More than anything, my Odyssey week stood as an affirmation to me and the path of service that I travel and dream of continuing. I can’t imagine not living, working, playing, and growing while making a positive impact on other people. It was such a wonderful time this week and I am grateful for all of the inspiration I received, knowing it will guide me as I move onward and up!

My heart is so full from witnessing an abundance of kindness flowing through this city. It does exist. In more ways than I knew before I started. And it’s beautiful. I think if we all had a taste of service or an idea of what people are doing behind the scenes, down city streets, and in buildings we pass everyday, we’d be better people. We would be inspired to be active participants in change and in making Memphis more awesome (and the world). I know I am. In hearing the stories of the great things already happening here, I hope you have been inspired too.

DSC01266“We say we feel bad about these and other inequities in the world, but the problems seem so deeply rooted as to be insurmountable, and we resign ourselves to ‘that’s just the way it is,’ declaring ourselves helpless to change things. In that resignation, we abandon our own human potential and the possibility of contributing to a thriving, equitable, and healthy world”
-Excerpt from The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

It’s been a pleasure,

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