Epilogue 2… what happened next?

I really enjoyed my Volunteer Odyssey. I was able to meet and mingle with creative minds and trailblazing leaders! One of the most rewarding aspects was getting outside of my comfort zone and exploring new possibilities. I was encouraged and offered the possibility to network with top business men and women from our city. I was able to sit with them and ask questions regarding their beginnings and the experience of going from “ground-zero” to unsurmountable success. All of which could not have been done without the coaching and support from Volunteer Odyssey.

To be more specific, outside of your work schedule, you are connected with leading professionals in your career field and interest. This connection is usually made through email and it is left to you to follow through with your contact. If you follow up, a meeting usually takes place and this is when you are able to shine. At this moment you can ask questions, lead a thought-provoking conversation, and share your experiences and how this may relate to the work they’re doing. From this meeting, you may find yourself with a new job or a mentor who can positively impact your career goals and aspirations. This is exactly what happened to me. With the coaching and support from Volunteer Odyssey, I was lead to a local entrepreneur who is really making waves in our city. I had the awesome opportunity to assist with the Untapped event at the Tennessee Brewery.

The Tennessee Brewery Untapped event was a six-week event. A group of local entrepreneurs reactivated the Tennessee Brewery to show how historic sites can be transformed into fun, exciting, innovative spaces for a good ol’ time! This was truly an amazing experience to be a part of. I met tons of people passionate about our city and enjoying the spaces worked by their great grandfathers, grew up around, or people who just appreciate the historical architecture or significance that once represented Memphis. I also enjoyed making new friends, learning new trades, and eating scrumptious food!

I hope others will be able to gain as much as I did, even more, from their Volunteer Odyssey. It can be a lot of work, but your Volunteer Odyssey can be personally rewarding, educational, and a great professional development opportunity.

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