Day 5: Back to My Roots

I got to spend Friday at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. As a child I visited there frequently, so it was exciting for me to get to support an organization that I have such fond memories of. I remember visiting numerous times there for field trips, and Live at the Garden. They also offer a seasonal farmers market, host parties and events, as well as selling plants and other nature inspired things to visitors.

IMG_1312I spent my time assisting the staff with prepping and preparing educational materials for the week. I started with getting things ready for their S’mores and Stars event that is going on this week. After that I worked on putting together bird callers to be sold in their gift shop, which are basically a wooden and metal device that make a squeak that sounds just like a bird.

Even though today I wasn’t working with sick children, people in need, or homeless dogs, I was contributing my efforts towards an organization that I love. I know that hundreds of children go there and it brings a smile to their faces, just like it did to mine when I was young. The Botanic Gardens offers a space where children can express themselves fully, as well as learn about their earth and come back to their roots.

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