Day 3: Anyone can make the simple complicated.

I had instant flashbacks of when I was introduced to the art of yarn wrapping as a kid. I had the chance to bring that joy of learning to the children of the Carpenter Art Garden.

The kids create visual artworks that add life to the Carpenter Art Garden.

Once completed this yarn wrap art will say, “The Carpenter Art Garden.” It is signage for the Garden’s vending booth at the Cooper-Young Festival. The kids will be able to sell there artwork.

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The kids taught me how to make a 3-D image of her hand. In exchange, I plan to come back and teach them something new and fun in art!

“Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.” Charles Mingus, Jazz Icon.

After stepping out of my truck on Carpenter Street, it could be said that when my feet hit the pavement that I was now in the rough. Considering that Carpenter Street had earned the reputation of being one of the roughest streets in the Binghamton neighborhood. Be that as it may, I was only moments from stepping into a diamond, the Carpenter Art Garden.

I was introduced to the Garden by its organizer, Erin Harris. The Garden is a breath of fresh air across from a school where art classes are no longer offered. It’s a creative Mecca for an average of more than 60 students after school. It’s also a community connecting factor, prior to its existence some neighbors had never even known the other’s name.

Selecting my area for helping children with art projects wasn’t a difficult choice as I was greeted by the eyes and smile of child that was working on a yarn and nail art project. I was instantly taken back to when I was around her age working on a similar project in art class. We would be making a sign that says, “The Art Garden.”  It would be used for the Garden’s booth at the Cooper-Young Festival, where the children would be able to sell their art.

I appreciated being able to talk and share with the children, I was humbled by their excitement and questions when I told them that I was an artist. I could only smile when some of the other volunteers were taken aback when I showed them photos of my artwork and then told them that I’ve never gone to school for my craft. It’s only something that I’ve been able to do since birth as it has evolved over the years.

Eyes lit up when I told several of the program’s planners that I’m interested in possibly teaching an art class for the children. I’ll return to the Garden when a local artist will teach a drawing class for kids. I’ll be there just to watch the class in progress and take notes for myself on walking with children as they move further into their creative abilities just as what was done for me as child.

The classes will be in “The Purple House.”  Though the Carpenter Art Garden planned to refurbish the previous purple house to coincide with the surrounding Gardens, previously drug infested, it had become unsalvageable. As the Garden became more popular for children in the community and they learned of the plans to build a new house, they contended that the house had to be purple. Thus we now have “The Purple House.”

With the Art Garden on one side of The Purple House, on the opposite side, you will find a community garden with fruits and vegetables; it’s just as colorful as the Art Garden.

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