Day 1: New Beginnings

Today, I visited Church Health located on Peabody Avenue in downtown Memphis. I had never heard of this organization which made me excited to learn about them. When I arrived I met with the volunteer coordinator where we talked about our opinions on the current healthcare system and stamped letters to be sent out. She then explained to me that their main priority as an organization is to provide healthcare to people unable to afford it. They also offer other services such as physical therapy, fitness classes, and daycare at affordable prices.

After meeting with the volunteer coordinator at the main office I went to the wellness center which is in a separate building near the main campus. The wellness center is a huge building wherIMG_1218e most of the fitness services reside. It reminded me of a YMCA but a bit more personal. When I arrived I met with the receptionist at the front desk. There I helped to create  new badges for members, make copies, and organize the space.

I spent most of my day with Julia in the child life center with several adorable little ones. We played some games, ate snacks, and I was drooled over. One little girl in particular, named Ruby, had the most contagious smile. She arrived to the daycare center with her little brother, who she was eyeing the whole time. I don’t think he left her sight once. She was incredibly kind to every other child there, offering to share her toys and snacks. Her ecstatic personality easily lit up the whole room. It was very refreshing to see such a nurturing old soul inside of a child. Something that I definitely appreciate.

Right now the whole organization is in the midst of a big move. They are moving to the new one million plus square foot Crosstown Concourse building. They will be amidst many other non-profits and new and upcoming businesses. They have been there for over 20 years, but have luckily found a new space that feels like home. Their old buildings will be given to other non-profits, which will be great for the city to open up new opportunities.

Church Health is an amazing facility, and I’m glad I know about it now. It was amazing to see people excited to have an opportunity to get healthy while participating in their community. I loved spending the day there, and can’t wait to visit again in their new building!

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