It costs $2,000 for us to provide an Odyssey Week experience to the job seekers of Memphis. Here’s why we think it’s worth it:


Our bloggers explain why their experience was so valuable:

photo 4 “I cannot say enough great things about my Volunteer Odyssey week.  Since that week, I have recommended the experience to multiple young professionals eager to network, volunteer, or just learn more about the Memphis community as a whole.”

– Ann-Katherine Stukenborg, Week 12


Michael helps Earnest with a puzzle at the SRVS Learning Center.

“My Volunteer Odyssey allowed me to get to know Memphis on a much better and deeper level than I did before my volunteer week in more ways than one.”

– Michael Garcia, Week 11



photo “My week with Volunteer Odyssey gave me two things I desperately needed after months and months of job hunting: perspective and renewal.”

– Rae-Anne Pitts, Week 10




photo“I am so fortunate to have gotten to participate in Volunteer Odyssey so quickly after moving to Memphis. It was such a great introduction to all the good work being done in this community and to the many people who make it all happen.”

– Ellen Bermudez, Week 9


20130616-154624.jpg“Volunteer Odyssey was exactly what I needed for motivation!”

– Alicia Wooten, Week 8




DSC05157“It’s true we didn’t change Memphis in a week. We didn’t “fix” anything. We just helped and met a lot of other people who do the same and THAT is how the community changes… how the world changes… and how Memphis changed us.
Thank you Volunteer Odyssey.”

– Miki Skeen, Week 7


brittanyearnest“My week with Volunteer Odyssey came at the perfect time. I needed this experience. That may sound a little dramatic, but it’s true.”

– Brittany Tuggle, Week 6



20130625-185831.jpg“My Volunteer Odyssey week is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had”

– Samantha Hicks, Week 5




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Volunteering in Memphis has caused me to fall in love with this city and makes me want to stay right here for a long time to come.”

– Atina Rizk, Week 4



IMG_0054“I think because of my experience, and the positivity of my interaction with the community, there will probably be more people wanting to sign up for Volunteer Odyssey than the small staff will be able to accommodate.”

– Kevin Nowlin, Week 3


IMG_2415“I would and have recommended Volunteer Odyssey to a friend”

– Rivers Powers, Week 2




IMG_2311“I learned that stepping outside of my comfort zone is exactly what I needed to gain perspective on different issues. And something that seems so simple, like offering my energy and time, can have such a huge impact- not only on others, but myself as well.”

– John Cook, Week 1


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