6 Ways to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement in Memphis

By Lulu Abdun, Summer Programs Associate at Volunteer Odyssey

Everyone can help support equality. Here are 6 ways you can support the Black Lives Matter movement in Memphis.

The Black Lives Matter Movement came to light in 2012 in hopes to dismantle systems of oppression and to replenish human rights and dignity for black people. In recent weeks, much has been stirring about the Movement from countless acts of immorality and violence toward the black community; political opinions about race, rights, and privilege; and injustice being served toward our black counterparts. From centuries ago to current events occurring in our community, people have been eager to stand up for their civil rights. If you would like to join the Movement, here are some ways you can get involved or volunteer:

  1. Just City: a local budding nonprofit that fights to reduce the amount of people in jail and prison, to reduce contact with the criminal justice system, and to revive people and neighborhoods after incarceration.

Upcoming events:

Just City Dialogues 6: #TopCopTalk, Thursday, August 4 from 6-7:30pm

Plunge to Expunge, Friday, August 12 from 4-7pm

Donate today or learn more about Just City

  1. younifiedBRIDGES: an organization that allows students to grow, learn, and be exposed to diverse people through experiential learning. BRIDGES also teaches students to “build bridges” across racial, cultural, and economic divides.

Upcoming volunteering event:

YOUnified, Friday, August 5 from 5-9:30pm      
Find more info on their website

  1. Official Black Lives Matter Memphis Chapter: Memphis’ own Black Lives Matter chapter aimed to “dismantle the systems that oppress us.”

Upcoming event:blm

Interest Meeting, Sunday, August 7 from 3-4pm    

Find more info on their Facebook Page

  1. Memphis City Council: the legislative body of Memphis, TN

Upcoming events:

Council Meetings, Tuesdays, August 9 and 23 at 3:30pm

Find more info here 

  1. Black Love Block Party: celebrates the spread of love, unity, food, and musicblack love

Upcoming event:

Black Love Block Party, Saturday, August 13 from 11am-8pm

Find more info on their Facebook page 

  1. Mid-South Peace and Justice Center: a center that “engages, organizes, and mobilizes communities to realize social justice through nonviolent action.” MSPJC also houses G.O.T. Power, a training group for rising grassroots organizers, H.O.P.E., a group made up of homeless or previously homeless to fight for equal rights, Memphis United, a local coalition made to challenge structural and institutional racism, and Memphis Bus Riders Union, which pushes MATA and city officials to improve public transportation for all Memphians.

Calendar of Events

Find more info on their website

Join the Movement today.

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