Epilogue – Brendan Larkin

When I discovered that I was going have a friend come to visit Memphis just a month after pulling a U-haul up my driveway on Young Avenue I frantically brainstormed how I could entertain him. The frenzy subsided as I realized how well I knew Memphis relative to how long I’ve called this city home. It may sound corny, but because of Volunteer Odyssey and everyone I met during the process I feel connected to Memphis. If I didn’t have my daily blogs to reflect on, I might remember the journey as a dream, blended into one unique experience instead of seven individual days. Regardless of how I look back on my adventure, it will undoubtedly be my first memory of Memphis. The smiles and greetings of the men and women on both sides of the soup kitchen line exposed … Continue reading

How to improve Volunteer Odyssey? Kid President!!!

In case you’re wondering, Kid President doesn’t wear a suit on the moon bounce. When our blogger Crista Dupree starting her Volunteer Odyssey experience, she met one of our favorite people – Kid President! Crista just started her 7-day adventure with us and was volunteering at the Memphis Grizzlies Moon Bounce as part of Rock for Love at the Church Health Center. So many of our favorite things in one place. While volunteering, Crista was lucky enough to be photobombed by Kid President! That’s the best kind of photobomb we can think of! Because as Kid President would say, Make the World More Awesome! And then hop on the moon bounce!   Do you want to help make the world more awesome? So do WE! At Volunteer Odyssey we believe that everyone can use their special talents to become a … Continue reading