The prettiest flower you all brought today

Guest blog post by Julie Platten Long I have always enjoyed serving and learning about my community through service. ALWAYS. My parents brought my sisters and me up in this way. My mom fondly recalls going on her Meals on Wheels route with me in the carseat. My husband and I have gone on many service “dates” and even went to a VolunCheers event when we were nine months pregnant. We have always talked about teaching our children the importance of serving others. We also decided that the earlier we can start bringing our children into this important aspect of our lives, the better. When she was 4 months, I carried/wore Elaina in an awareness walk for the Church Health Center. She has a very pleasant disposition and smiles constantly! My husband and I are involved with Aspire and we … Continue reading


New Profile Pic

Wow, what a week!  To describe my Volunteer Odyssey as intense would be an understatement.  Between working my volunteer commitments each day, and meeting the deadlines of submitting my blog after each volunteer experience, I felt like I was working a full time job.   It was a full time job that was far more rewarding than I ever imagined. There were two recurring themes I noticed during the week.  First – the word “blessing” was used a lot by those who were served by the non-profit organizations I was paired with.  Second – the non-profit partners I worked with all showed such passion about their job and seemed genuinely happy.   After what I’ve witnessed this past week, I believe the happiness and passion demonstrated by the non-profits and their employees is a result of knowing that what they were doing … Continue reading