Epilogue: Kristine Pierce


I have made a few significant moves as an adult and each time, I remember how difficult it is to move to a new city. In each new place, I want to land a fulfilling and stable job, learn the ins and outs of the city, find my favorite grocery stores, make new friends, and discover my niche in the community. No matter how exciting the move, it is always a challenge and on average, it takes me about a year to become truly comfortable in my new home. My experience with Volunteer Odyssey has made the transition process easier, more fun and less intimidating. It is often hard to figure out quite where to start when searching for a job in a new city, but my volunteer experience has introduced me to contacts in my field and given me … Continue reading

Alchemy at the Memphis Public Library

Note from Volunteer Odyssey: We’re featuring a series of guest bloggers who’ll share their volunteer experiences in the community. Today’s post comes from Herman P Markell – an extremely dedicated volunteer at the Memphis Public Library.  Alchemy at the Memphis Public Library by Herman P Markell Everything that follows is based on the fact the Memphis Public Library System is one of the key institutions for life enhancement of all Memphians, and its continued growth will have a major positive impact on successfully improving our lives in the future. Just come to Central Library any morning at 830 AM to see people gathering to enter at 10 AM opening. It happens every day. In 1958, when I returned to Memphis, after being honorably discharged from the US Air Force, I went to work at Parts Distributors Warehouse, later renamed CARQUEST … Continue reading