Intern Odyssey: Burritos, Bicycles, and Ministry-That’s a Wrap!

Kat and I showcasing our expertly crafted Burritos

Times like this one make me regret being the (seemingly) only person on the planet who never learned how to properly ride a bike. (“Properly” as defined by spending more time on the bike than on the ground). For years it has been only a point of embarrassment, but when I arrived at the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry, an awesome ministry where volunteers make burritos, and then take them on their bikes to give to people on the street who … Continue reading

Epilogue 2… what happened next?

I really enjoyed my Volunteer Odyssey. I was able to meet and mingle with creative minds and trailblazing leaders! One of the most rewarding aspects was getting outside of my comfort zone and exploring new possibilities. I was encouraged and offered the possibility to network with top business men and women from our city. I was able to sit with them and ask questions regarding their beginnings and the experience of going from “ground-zero” to unsurmountable success. All of which … Continue reading