Volunteer from Home on Thanksgiving

The final product

Volunteer from Home on Thanksgiving Many people want to give back on Thanksgiving Day and do something to help others. Ultimately, we are all looking for a way to be thankful while also helping others through difficult situations. Thanksgiving is a VERY popular day to volunteer and spots fill up quickly. Fortunately, there’s a great way to volunteer from home and to help those who are experiencing homelessness. It’s great for family, friends, any size group, and all ages! With that in mind, here’s a special project for you and your family on Thanksgiving Day: make gift bags for the homeless.   Here’s how to make gift bags for the homeless with your family on Thanksgiving Day. Step 1: Meet the people you’ll helping:  Homelessness can be a faceless, nameless problem that seems abstract. Fortunately, two wonderful organizations produced pictures and videos for … Continue reading

Putting the “I” in Service

By Dannon Eubanks Emerging Leader University of Memphis As an Emerging Leader at the University of Memphis, volunteering is a requirement. It’s easy to involve yourself in something when your scholarship is dependent on it. What’s not so easy is to transition yourself from doing something as a chore to doing something because you got more out of it than just a signature. They say doing something for twenty-one days makes it become a habit, but I don’t think it takes twenty-one volunteer experiences for that to become a habit. It takes something much simpler yet not often enough grasped. All it takes to make a habit out of volunteering is heart. What I have found is that when you put love into serving, you get love out of it. You get out what you put in. With that being … Continue reading