Megan Banaszek Epilogue

If I sound different than I did last week in my blog posts, it’s because I am now employed full time! A girl can only justify watching The Price is Right for so long. My experience with Volunteer Odyssey was everything I had hoped for and so much more. I met individuals with the biggest hearts in the city, learned about the vital organizations in Memphis, and received invaluable advice from Mid-South natives. Volunteer Odyssey made me fall in love with Memphis. Two weeks to the day after I volunteered with my Odyssey, I was offered a job at Carpenter Art Garden. The garden is supported by Binghampton Development Corporation. I encourage everyone to check out their website to learn more about this organization, as they are doing great work improving and empowering the area. As the garden’s first full … Continue reading

Day 7: On Second Thought about that Spooky Trail

I learned the Spooky Night's trail at Shelby Farms as I completed my Volunteer Odyssey. But somehow, I'm even more terrified about my anticipated trek in October.

I plan to go on the Shelby Farms Spooky Night’s haunted trail this fall; I thought that helping out today with securing the trail’s temporary fencing as well as picking up trash along the way would prepare me to walk the trail with no fear and win all bets with friends.  I now know what I can expect along the Spooky Night’s trail; however, I think I’m now even more terrified! In addition to getting a behind the scenes view of the trail’s preparation for Spooky Nights throughout October, I also met more Shelby Farm’s staff and board members.  They encouraged me to stay in touch with the happenings at the Park. In the meantime, I plan to come back to Shelby Farms Spooky Night’s trail.  Right now the decision to come back as a volunteer to help out at … Continue reading