Visions of a Big Mac: Serving the Homeless of Memphis

Visions of a Big Mac Serving the homeless of Memphis Guest Blog Post by Jeff Hulett A little more than a month ago at Neighborhood Church where my family and I are congregants, our pastor, Robert Grisham, challenged the church to think outside the box about giving this Christmas. He asked us to think about what God was calling us to do this holiday season. Then, he did something a little unexpected. He called up ten of us from the pews and gave us each an envelope. Inside was a $100 bill. You should’ve heard some of the kids’ (and adults’!) reactions. Priceless! Clearly, this money wasn’t meant for me or the others standing in front of the church, although I certainly could have put that cash to good use. My wife Annie and I just welcomed our second baby … Continue reading

How to help at Thanksgiving

How to volunteer in Memphis

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular days of the year to volunteer and many volunteer opportunities for Thanksgiving Day fill up far in advance. So what’s a well-meaning Memphian to do? You can still make a difference! Our local outreach agencies need survival kits (also known as gift bags or blessing bags) for the people they serve throughout the year. You can collect the materials at assemble these bags at your home while watching videos about those who have been homeless in Memphis. So what should these bags include? Things like snacks, socks and gloves, toothbrushes and other necessities. Want more ideas? Get instructions and access to these powerful stories on our founder’s blog. Memphis needs your help at Thanksgiving and 364 other days of the year. Pick a day that’s special to you and make that a traditional … Continue reading