Meeting the Shelby Farms Bison!


First of all, I love Shelby Farms. It is one of the first places that I discovered in Memphis. Even though I have really only explored the off-leash dog area because I have a dog and I feel an irrational sense of guilt for not letting him run around when we are outside, I truly am in awe of all the park has to offer. So, it was with excitement, and a little bit of guilt for leaving my dog at home, that I set off to Shelby Farms this morning. I was not disappointed. I pulled up outside of the park’s temporary Visitor’s Center, which is basically a large trailer with a few offices, a conference table and the all important coffee room. I was greeted by Irene Montanez, the Volunteer Coordinator, and a charismatic ranger named Butch. While … Continue reading

Imagination Running Wild


As I drove home from the Carpenter Art Garden today, I noticed paint under my fingernails. After a day spent with kids painting pictures of trees, making paper snowflakes and chatting about life the way only a kid can see it, I wasn’t surprised. The Carpenter Art Garden is a magical space – a purple house with craft supplies from floor to ceiling, an outdoor space to play and a community garden for kids to connect with the earth. I can understand why kids line up outside the door every Tuesday after school to get a chance to come inside. Carpenter Art Garden I always enjoy spending time with children – listening to them laugh, watching their creativity and talking to them about their lives. I love being surrounded by the barely controlled chaos that always happens with kids. Lovely … Continue reading