Epilogue: Kathleen Quinlen

Optimistic for 2017

The stakes always seem a little higher for nonprofits during the holidays. Whether they’re heavily promoting opportunities for donors to give before the end of the year, trying to make the holidays special for every member of the community they serve, or addressing the needs of a vulnerable population as cold weather approaches, they often seem to be expending an exceptional amount of organizational energy around mid-December. I think that completing my Volunteer Odyssey the week before Christmas and Hanukkah afforded me a unique experience. First, I was able to see several different Memphis organizations operating under the pressure that seems inevitably tied to anything having to do with the winter holidays. From making sure every child at the Carpenter Art Garden received a gift to ensuring that families at Snowy Nights had a magical experience, the staff and volunteers … Continue reading

Day 7: Daily Bread

Gathering at the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality

For the final night of my Volunteer Odyssey week, I had a bit of pre-work to do. I would be headed to the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality for an evening gathering, and they had asked that I bring “a simple dessert.” Based on this single detail, I guessed that this night would be about more than doing volunteer work for a worthy organization. If people were making food for one another, it would be about fellowship. When I left Atlanta and moved to rural Arkansas a little over seven years ago, I had no idea how important connecting with my new community would become. In a big city, a person could almost always find some activity to temporarily distract them from feelings of loneliness and isolation. In the Delta, such distractions were rarely found. As I looked for opportunities … Continue reading