Imagination Running Wild


As I drove home from the Carpenter Art Garden today, I noticed paint under my fingernails. After a day spent with kids painting pictures of trees, making paper snowflakes and chatting about life the way only a kid can see it, I wasn’t surprised. The Carpenter Art Garden is a magical space – a purple house with craft supplies from floor to ceiling, an outdoor space to play and a community garden for kids to connect with the earth. I can understand why kids line up outside the door every Tuesday after school to get a chance to come inside. Carpenter Art Garden I always enjoy spending time with children – listening to them laugh, watching their creativity and talking to them about their lives. I love being surrounded by the barely controlled chaos that always happens with kids. Lovely … Continue reading

Making Memphis Beautiful


I admit to being a little nervous this morning as I got ready for the first day of my Volunteer Odyssey at Memphis City Beautiful. In fact, that may have been the reason that I lost my keys inside of my car before I even made it in the office. This led to a few panic-filled minutes, worrying that I would be late, as I frantically searched my car, which was parked only a few hundred feet from the front door of the office. Finally, keys firmly in hand, I walked into the office and was met by Cyndy Grivich Tucker, the Program Coordinator. Stuffing envelopes with Cyndy Grivich Tucker, the Program Coordinator. Cyndy turned out to be my chaperone for the morning as she led me to a table piled high with letters and flyers to be folded, and … Continue reading