The Secret’s Out

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It was a Friday morning, and the weekend was fast approaching. Tim Flack was looking for volunteer opportunities where he and his 6-year-old daughter, Susanna, could volunteer together. He found the perfect listing on Volunteer Odyssey’s Calendar of Volunteer Opportunities. The event was Tile Making Day hosted by Carpenter Art Garden. Tim was excited to find an opportunity to give back that he can include his daughter in because, “Volunteer opportunities like this help us to instill our values of helping others and of being of service in the community along with introducing our kids to the realities of life that many people in our community face each day.” This outing for Tim and Susanna was very different from their usual weekend trip to the zoo, park, or pool because it allowed them to spend time together while also helping others … Continue reading

5 Ways to Volunteer while Playing Pokémon Go


How much time do you spend searching looking for Pokémon? While you’re at it, use your Poké Powers for good! Volunteer Odyssey has 5 ways you can make an impact in your community while playing Pokémon. Talk about two birds one Poké Ball! 5 Ways to give back while hunting for Pokémon:   Donate a Poké Lure. Donate a lure at your local children’s hospital so the kids can catch ‘em while they get better! Thanks to your generosity, these kids can play from their hospital bed since they can’t go catch Pokmon outside. In Memphis, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital would love to have you donate a Poké Lure for the kids. (Note: For obvious reasons you can’t wander into a children’s hospital! Drop your Poké Lure outside and be on your way! If you want to become a volunteer … Continue reading