The past week has been a great experience. I have met many people, made friends, and experienced new things in my city like never before. I have visited seven incredible organizations: Church Health, Carpenter Art Garden, Hope House, Memphis Animal Services, Botanic Gardens, Shelby Farms Garden, and Dorothy Day House. During the week my eyes were opened to so many new things-an art garden for children looking for a creative outlet after school, a home for homeless families, an affordable way to stay fit and healthy, and many other things. I have found compassion, hope, and understanding within new areas of my community. My eyes have also been opened to the many different possibilities that are available for me to serve. Sarah and Caroline created the perfect week for me to feel at home and be able to thrive. Working … Continue reading

Day 7: Home for the Homeless

Dorothy Day House-Memphis

Today, I visited the Dorothy Day House in Midtown for my final day of volunteering. This small organization is the only one in Memphis that takes homeless families and keeps them together. The house currently can house three families at a time. They are expanding, and in the process of opening 4 more houses! When the new houses are open they will be able to house 15 families. During my time spent there I talked with the two families currently living at Dorothy Day House. We talked about their jobs, homeschooling, and what they like to do for fun. All the children were running around playing, and smiling ear to ear. It made me incredibly happy to hear their contagious giggles echoing throughout the large house. In the basement of the house they store food, toiletries, and other necessities that … Continue reading